The amount of knowledge that I have obtained at yoga teacher training course is life changing. I really appreciate the depth of knowledge and experience of all teachers. An amazing comprehensive and complete course.
Disha Jain
Thank you so much for making me part of this beautiful journey of teacher training course. Everything was perfectly organised. Beautiful ambience, full of positive energy. Madhav sir taught us so much information about yoga and made me understand each and every aspect of it. The way he taught us just perfect. All the students were very supportive and created great energy. Each and every minute was utilised in the right way. We got to learn so much in such a short time. This training was recognised to become a good human being. Food was served here with so much love like the cherry on the cake.  
Pooja Wadhwani
I would like to thank Madhav because without him this training course would have been tasteless. Madhav is a genius, understanding, straight to the point what he teaches. I have improved my techniques, my posture. Thank you to him and I want to continue this yoga path. Madhav is an inspiration and I understand why people from all over the world want to come and learn his teaching techniques. I have just come for him to do this teacher training course and I don’t regret it. Thank you, Madhav from bottom of my heart.
I have been practising yoga and advanced yoga from last three years but there were some poses where I lacked the fitness. Through this course, I have gained confidence regarding practice and teaching skills of yoga. Our teacher Madhav showed immense patience and continually guided us. I also gained a lot of knowledge about human anatomy, the effects of food on our body and the secret to achieving peace of mind through yoga. A big thumbs up to the course and Renu mam  
Madhav sir has deep knowledge of Yoga. I didn’t have any knowledge of yoga but he made me so comfortable and explained each topic in detail. I was facing so many issues but he made me feel confident. Thank you sir to be my mentor and to show me the right path. I would definitely love to have more experience under your guidance.
Kinjal Dave
It was great to be part of this teacher training course. It helped me to improve my skills, self-practice and teaching as well. Madhav sir and Renu mam were very supportive, felt like home here. Looking forward to upcoming courses and workshops.  
Richa Nandecha
 I’m really impressed by the teaching style of Madhav. He is very precise and up to mark when it comes to making the student understand about each pose. The notes were also very helpful for understanding the benefits of the poses. He understands the capabilities of every student and teaches the various aspects accordingly. I would like to attend more courses and workshops by him and learn more.
Disha Chhabria