Avana Yoga

Copenhagen-Denmark Workshop

  • Saturday, 3rd June 2023
  • 01:00 PM  – 05:00 PM
  • Copenhagen-Denmark

Traditional Yoga & Philosophy Workshop

Exploring the Ancient Wisdom and Practices of Yoga.

In this workshop, we will dive deep into the traditional roots of yoga, exploring the ancient wisdom and practices that have been passed down for thousands of years. Through a combination of lecture, discussion, and experiential learning, we will explore the foundational principles of yoga philosophy and how they can be applied to our modern lives.

We will begin by discussing the origins and evolution of yoga, exploring the different branches and styles of yoga and their unique approaches to practice. From there, we will delve into the fundamental concepts of yoga philosophy.

Throughout the workshop, we will also engage in traditional yoga practices, including asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), and relaxation. We will explore how these practices can help us cultivate greater awareness, balance, and harmony in our body, mind, and spirit.

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, this workshop will provide a rich and immersive experience that will deepen your understanding and appreciation of the traditional roots of yoga. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and transformation through the ancient wisdom and practices of yoga.